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Lead Acid Batteries – Goldenswange

Lead Acid Batteries

We collect all type of Spent Batteries to recycle them within our Battery Recycling Facility located in Malabo.

Lead Acid Batteries are classed as a hazardous waste stream and with GOLDEN SWAN’s extensive background in hazardous waste disposal we are perfectly positioned to provide a safe, clean and efficient Battery Recycling Process. We are working to improve the environmental performance of one of the world’s most polluting industries.

Normally, battery has the following substances such as Lead, Plastic, Acid etc. The lead is melt and recycled into pure lead ingots, Plastic Battery Cases are rewashed, shredded and recycled again into new products. Acid is processed in our Water Effluent Treatment Plant.

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About Us

  • "GOLDEN SWAN G.E S.L" prides itself as a leading company in the Waste Management Industry within Equatorial Guinea (EG), established in 2010. GOLDEN SWAN provides Complete and Best Waste Management solutions to its clients along with latest technology and equipment.

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  • Potao Malabo, Bioko Norte Equatorial Guinea.

  • + 240 555519211 / 555022524

  • malabo@shreeharigroup.com

  • http://www.goldenswange.com

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