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Electronic Waste – Goldenswange

Electronic Waste

E-waste is a term used to cover almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) that has or could enter the waste stream. Although e-waste is a general term. It can be considered to cover TVs, computers, mobile phones, white goods ( e.g. fridges, Washing machines, dryers etc), home entertainment and stereo systems, toys, toasters, kettles – almost any house hold or business item with circuitry or electrical components with power or battery supply.

Many consumers and businesses are more eco-conscious and are looking to recycle electronics and looking for recycling companies that offer the best solutions.Here, GOLDEN SWAN serve to collect e-Waste from your location. All type of E- Waste are collected, processed and recycled by us in accordance with all the applicable laws and regulations within our Waste Management Facility.

We will definitely recycle all of the electronic scrap types, the types of scrap and the quantity of E-Waste are received from you, we will make our best efforts to recycle and help saving our planet.

“GOLDEN SWAN provides Certificate of Recycling for all the scrap/waste received from waste producer”.

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About Us

  • "GOLDEN SWAN G.E S.L" prides itself as a leading company in the Waste Management Industry within Equatorial Guinea (EG), established in 2010. GOLDEN SWAN provides Complete and Best Waste Management solutions to its clients along with latest technology and equipment.

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  • Potao Malabo, Bioko Norte Equatorial Guinea.

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