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Waste & Recycling Pick up

Golden Swan is at its best for rendering waste collection and recycling solutions and a loyal service provider towards the sustainable business operations.


Our team of expertise can provide a strategic waste & recycling management plan if your operations are at multiple areas. The services are wholly meant to cut down the cost cuttings, sustainable operations and feasibility in the services.

Industrialisation has been seeing the gradual transformation in its product solutions and with that each responsible producer are eagerly looking for strategic waste management and services. Now, the companies look into the practices that are more technology driven and sustainable. This led us the Golden Swan to promote the proper awareness about the specific waste and recyclable materials which is crucial to any waste producer.

As a waste service provider, we can reach you at your location. Golden Swan is here to assist you in every aspects of waste & recyclable services. Our list of service programs will open the doors of waste management services that creates a full-fledged product portfolio of your business operations.

Our services are integrated in a manner that one can avail the full-fledged waste services. Our list of services makes it convenient for the industries and communities.

We recognise the service capabilities by consolidating the waste & recyclable services. This objective will help businesses to focus more on primary operations and achieving the goals for tomorrow.

Our service program provides easy access to a team of dedicated personnel, waste & recycling experts, integrated services at one platform, EPC models, consultancy services, guidance and compliances of waste related materials.