Incineration – Solid & Liquid Hazardous Waste

Golden Swan adopted an integrated model to facilitate the state-of-the-art incineration technique to overcome with the environmental implications. Handling tons of hazardous waste effectively with stringent emission controls. Specifically designed to manage both solid & liquid hazardous waste, while a continuous PLC SCADA monitoring system has been installed. Effluent water is effectively treated with an effluent treatment plant where a separate dosing tank is constructed to control the heterogeneous concentrated water.

Incineration – Domestic Waste

Golden Swan has always been anticipated to upgrade better technical adaptation. In furtherance, We came up with the latest techniques to overcome with household/commercial wastes which has enormous concerns across the globe. Collecting tons of domestic waste effectively sorted and further combusted through an incinerator to make it receptive residual for disposing into landfill zone. Dioxins & furans are generated during combustion which rigorously controlled by various installed air filtration equipment.

Shredding Unit – Plastic Waste

Most industrial plastics are being collected from the source which is further sent to the cleaning unit. Plastics grades such as PP, LDPE, HDPE, PS are fed into shredder equipped with high tensile blades, effectively shred the plastics into small chips. Shredded plastic chips are thoroughly inspected, weighed & packed and sent to the recycling contractor.

Crushing & Baling Unit – Scrap Metal

The collected Waste Drums, Light Metals Scrap, Cans is sent to the respective zone. A semi-automatic based equipment equipped with the hydraulic system effectively baled heavy, light metals scraps. Crushed & Baled materials further sent to the recycling contractor.

Used Lead Acid Recycling Unit – Spent Batteries

Golden Swan is effectively collecting spent batteries from the source and making into a valuable lead ingot attaining utmost purity (99.2%). Built at 30 TPD capacity successfully catering services within the regions. We have a strong supply chain enabling us to sustain as a strong contender within the regions.

A rigorous sorting of spent batteries has been done by our trained personnel while effectively removing the electrolyte water which further gets neutralised. Battery cases are rewashed, and the same recovered plastic cases being sent to the shredding and recycling unit.

Recovered lead paper is refined into refining pot to recover lead ingot while emissions being controlled by an advanced filtration system.

Metal Scrap Yard

Golden Swan believes in services that should reflect on the client’s expectations. Recognise the exact needs of the client which we believe to be our greatest strength.

Enabling fast & friendly delivery services and maintain a fleet of well-equipped trucks to fulfil the client’s expectation. Inspection is being done by our personnel while assessing the exact need at a competitive price. Are you seeking reasonable solutions, we are here to assist you.