Drill Cuttings/Oily Sludge

Taking utmost importance of hazardous waste implications to the environment, we have been effectively treating the Drill Cuttings/Oily Sludge by adopting an advanced incineration combustion system Which not only combusts. the waste properly but also taking care of emission standards with latest air emission control system. Successfully handling the task in compliances with the international standards.

Waste Chemicals

Waste chemicals is being collected after thorough inspection is done while collecting waste chemicals, ensuring proper labelling and check the MSDS Detailing. Our team of experts will take all necessary measures to further proceedings. All the waste chemicals will be treated effectively with due consideration of environmental Law & Regulations.

Paint Waste

Golden Swan considers the consequential effects of unmannerly disposal of Paint waste. A solution which is effectively treated through an Incineration method. Inspections would be in our checklists & regularly commenced to check the waste characterisations before any combustion.

Domestic Waste – Household/Commercial Waste

Golden Swan continuously pushing its technical credentials to overcome with such waste which is a concern across the globe. It’s time to take necessary steps to regulate, handle, treat the domestic waste appropriately. A good source to everything which we realise and follow the same procedure to further a step ahead in the waste management practises. We have been continuously providing end to end solutions whether it would be a full-fledged incineration system or a bioremediation waste system, we have been providing best assurance to the clients. All the necessary practises are being followed by our team to combust domestic waste appropriately. Segregation is being done from the source to recover the valuable byproducts and the rest will further transfer to the Combustion chamber. Proper air control system being equipped while considering stringent control on noxious particles – Dioxins, Furans.

BioMedical Waste

Such Waste is categorised into standard procedures through labelling and further sent to the Autoclave Zone for rigorous sterilisation of such waste. Once done with sterilisation, proper segregation is done to recover valuable by-products and the rest is incinerated at an optimal temperature.

Used Filters

Collecting almost all types of filters which is further hot drained in the Incineration Chamber at an Optimal Temperature and then crushed & extract the valuable metals from the source which is further sent to the Recycler.

Recycling Solutions

Used Lead Acid Batteries

The lead-acid battery is classed as a hazardous waste stream and it’s important to take action appropriately for further disposal. Golden Swan has an extensive background in hazardous waste disposal services. An advanced technique is adopted to overcome this issue. Effectively dealing with the spent batteries and the same working to improve the techniques for recycling solutions. Meanwhile, a rigorous segregation method is involved to recover lead in order to refine into Lead Ingots and meantime recovered concentrated solution is further sent to the Effluent Treatment Plant.

Used Tires

Based on waste management practises, Golden Swan follow the procedures which are favourable to the end-user. Our team with collective efforts used tyres is shredded into crumb rubber, further transfer to the recycling contractor. The collected steal bead is sent to the metal scrap zone. All the necessary proceedings are done within the facility.

We often follow the necessary reclaimed methods to waste minimisation which is outlined herein:


Golden Swan realises the importance of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment where we thoroughly finding a new way to recover precious metals that are embedded in the waste components. Trained personnel are handling such waste to further dismantle & segregate the Metals & Non-Metals. Effectively handling all types of E-Waste – Fridges, Washing Machines, Dryers etc.

Golden Swan ensures a proper E-Waste Collection System from your location which is further processed and recycled in accordance with all applicable laws & regulations.

Golden Swan assures the best technical possibility in a competitive term in order to sustain a clean and green concept including all necessary recycling certification and compliances received to the waste producer.

Waste/Used Oil

Golden Swan believes in services which reflects sustainability in its operation. We have been successfully receiving gallons of waste oil, collecting systematically through Trucks & Cars, effectively providing best services in competitive terms. Collection and recycling services cater to all types of Waste Oil including Used Engine Oil, Used Hydraulic Oil, etc.

Scrap Plastics

Golden Swan has always been active and shown keen interest in the area of Scrap Plastic recycling solutions. An advanced shredder equipped with high tensile blades, effectively shred the scrap plastics into small pieces and further sent to the recycler. Plastics are being washed & cleaned before any shredding. Handling almost all grades whether it is pre or post-consumer or industrial plastic recycling waste – regrind, Virgin, Bales, Process or Palletised Materials, Film Scrap, Purge, Pellets, Obsolete materials including but not limited to – PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, HDPE, FILMS (PP & PS), Super Sacks, Buckets, Drums, etc.

Other Solutions

Asbestos Waste

In accordance with applicable Law & Regulations, Golden Swan is thoroughly monitored and examine while handling such waste. These services are performed with due care by our team of experts. Asbestos is being disposed of in the area which is specifically designed to encapsulate such waste without lead to any contamination. All the necessary authorisations & permits have been assigned and attained in compliances for further proceedings within our Specified Zone.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)

Golden Swan assures the safe and environment friendly disposal practices of such waste Which must be fulfilled under the compliances.Effectively handling and disposing the Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Which are thoroughly inspected, accommodated and disposed in a specified Zone.


Such waste is being handled by our experts and specifically allocated a zone to accommodate such waste. Thoroughly check the labelled substances and take appropriate action in order to explode safely in a confined body. Once done, the remnants sent to the segregation zone to recover plastics and other substances.