Specialised Waste Streams

We always recognise the specialised waste and take a call in the manner that it should reflects the international standards. Taking to the next level, we collaborate with our channel partners for technical updation and getting into the core waste services that could manage you industrial, chemical, hazardous, medical and pharmaceuticals or such other types of special waste. We successfully showing the footprints in the regions and tagged ourselves the leading service provider of waste management expertise, waste solutions and consultancy.

Specialised Waste Streams

At Golden Swan, we arrange a team of experts to handle the specialised waste. Golden Swan renders innovative and advanced expertise in handling hazardous, biomedical and industrial and much more at your disposal.


We believe in building the trust among our services and that’s what we been achieving so far. With our excellent reputation, we are maintaining our waste management services efficiently, enabling us to interact with latest technology, networking people and sustainable units.


Are you looking for the services that can regulate your waste? In every aspect, we are here to assist you to regulate your waste related operations with our well-known expertise.


At Golden Swan, safety is one of our core principle. We work closely with the people and channel partners on safety related issues. As safety is an important parameter in every operations we dealt.

Closely working with Industry Leaders

You can closely look at the Golden Swan waste services as we constantly focussed on how to act as a responsible, reliable waste management service provider for your specialised waste streams.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Comprehensive Waste Solutions for manufacturers and industries from African nation’s as we only the leading waste management and environmental solution provider.

Trustability For Industries

Every nations needs the core industrial revolution and in that sense more complex materials will be generated. Golden Swan are prepared for every complex waste solution which could offer reliable and environmentally friendly solutions as we prepared and built ourselves as per the industrial behaviour.

Hazardous Waste

We recognise the consequential impact of such waste if not handle in a proper manner. So, building sustainable solutions that ease your services. Handling the hazardous waste involves great efforts with knowledge and experience. We make industries ease of services to manage the dangers and intricacies of waste characterisation, transportation, manifesting and treatment. Our team of experts will support you that your businesses and services remain compliant at each phase of operations.

Oil & Gas (E&P)

As an environmentally responsible partner, we look closely into the exact environmental related issues that the oil & gas industries facing challenges. As we have wide array of waste solutions & services in each activity involved during upstream, midstream or downstream operations. We are here to be a part of your waste related challenges and offer you the best possible resolution.

Refineries & Chemical Plants

Encountering the daily challenges or reach the goals of end users, regulators or partners, you will require an expert to resolve and scale up to manage your waste sustainably and keeping you compliant at phases you require.

Electric Utilities

We provide you efficient and reliable suite of solutions for the industries involved in the Electric Utilities whether you’re operating or closing landfills, or dealing with ash residuals for specific purpose.

Industrial Waste

We at Golden Swan, efficiently dealing with industrial waste services and our experts reach you with your service needs that reflects proper waste management. Let you get to know how exactly we could work on risk minimisation, management cost, effective operations and retain the environmental standards and compliances.

Healthcare Sustainability & Compliance

Recognising healthcare that the industry needs for their people and we are here to take care your facility with solutions that provide you sustainable treatment, recyclable & disposal methods which ultimately fulfil your compliances at the level of care you and your regulators require.


Business trade always be a part of Global world with its product solutions. So, every product portfolio as its waste streams. We support you to find the right solutions for your end disposal by keeping you efficient and compliant.


Our team of experts support you in your journey by providing you the environmental solutions that keep the pace of your businesses.


Customise solutions at your disposal that not only retain your management practices compliant but also maintain your portfolio impressive at each phase of your operations. We are well-versed in managing Construction & demolition waste.

Waste Logistics & Transportation

Our experts and partner will support you in every phase of waste logistics services. There is obvious that every complex waste transportation needs to have proper design and coordination with proven experience. As the leading waste management service provider in the Africa, we have strong network to exactly manage the operation of any size across any distance.

On-Site Environmental/Waste Management Consultancy

At Golden Swan, we have team of experts to solve your onsite waste management challenges. We work closely with your team and enhance the scale of your waste services for reaching your own goals.

Primary Metal Manufacturing

Our list of service programs collectively helping primary metal industries to manage and reduce the residual materials which not only support to reach your environmental compliances and risk minimisation. This will add sustainable value to the operations.

Remediation, Engineering & Consulting

Golden Swan reach you at your needs for waste disposal services, transportation and remediation. We are here to scale up your needs in an efficient and reliable manner.

Waste Separation Technologies

We offer reliable and efficient solutions with latest technologies that can minimise your risk and challenges involved in liquid waste.


We are well aware the complex waste streams involved in the pharmaceutical industries. Looking into challenges, we built the solutions for specific industry that wholly reflects the sustainbale services at your door steps and assuring you to deliver the services that confirm the safety standards during handling the hazardous drugs at each phase of our operations.

Experts for Pharmaceutical Industry

We know the waste structures and regulation involved in this specific industry. With experts and partners, we regularly work alongside you to get resolve the waste challenges. We are pioneered the strategic management of pharmaceutical waste, assisting major healthcare organisations with implementing pharmaceutical waste management system. We are constantly navigating the requirement and waste regulations for your industry which keeps you update and compliant. We are here to assist you to manage the complex materials in hazardous drugs which require the specific task to dispose.

Customized Solutions To Meet Complex Needs

Our team of experts will support you in the handling of pharmaceutical waste streams, ensuring your operations runs efficiently while adhering to regulations. Please feel free to get in touch to know more about our pharmaceutical waste solutions.


We support your healthcare facility by managing the waste from your hospitals, clinics and outpatient facilities efficiently & compliantly and enhance its reputation and brand. Partnering with you in risk minimisation and waste tackling solutions that could interact with our myriad of environmental and waste services while keeping you stay compliant.

Environmental Solutions For Healthcare Facilities

We typically differentiate our waste management services in a manner that could reach to high acute hospitals and small clinics. Our services wholly meant to resolve the complex waste challenges as efficiently with keeping regulatory – compliant environmental solutions for specific industries. We ensure that each bio-medical waste should be transported and disposed in compliances with the international standards. To regulate the medical waste treatment facilities, we ensure our complement medical waste disposal services includes the latest autoclave treatment and can have access to advanced technology for treating all types of medical waste. We believe in integrated waste approach when it comes to manage the complex waste streams involved in the specific industry. This ultimately reduce the disposal cost that incorporates all waste streams. For more information about the medical waste disposal services, please contact us.