Industrial Hazardous Waste

The State-of-the-art Technology and cutting edge solutions for industrial hazardous waste.

About Hazardous Waste

Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

Golden Swan has proven experience and extensive track record in handling, managing, treating, disposing the wide range of hazardous waste services. We have been successfully rendering hazardous waste services to the renowned oil & gas services. Enabling our services more efficiently by keeping our safety standards. Our advanced technology, strategic partners, proven waste methods assist our customers to meet the local and international regulations. We are the only leading waste management service provider to manage thousands of tons of hazardous and non-hazardous waste annually in the West Africa

Our team of experts and highly skilled personnel offers comprehensive hazardous waste management solutions and services. We have been successfully rendering services of all types of hazardous waste such as from pickup to emergency response, assessing the waste characterisation, proper technology selection. We follow the international disposal and safety standards while deliver the safe and reliable treatment and disposal solutions to the clients.

We also deliver the project management and turnkey services for waste treatment plant and disposal services. We can customise the solutions and can deploy as a complete solution as per your needs. Our turnkey service models mainly involve the customisation, innovation in the core aspects of project planning, engineering and fabrication, construction services. With the services, we can work with you to optimise the efficient operations in your work and ultimately reaching your reliable and compliance objectives.

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enviromental field services

Golden Swan recognise the adverse effects of environment and its challenges. Our experience and expertise make us the competitive and sustainable service provider for your hazardous waste and we are always ensuring that our services meet unparalleled results while adhering to the minimal environmental impact. Please take a look at our full list of services and contact us for solutions of tomorrow.

Training & Compliance

Golden Swan is constantly working with the employees and clients to develop and integrate our training services that meets the specific needs of the operations. Our training programs are more comprised of operational safety while performing the assigned duties. Our safety officers and personnel are closely monitored the operations and update the employees the latest health & safety regulations, procedure for reporting and handling chemicals & hazardous materials.

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industrial hazardous waste services

proven experience and expertise

Our extensive track record and decades of experience is what the services look comprehensive and reliable for the industries and communities. Our well trained and highly qualified personnel make us the global competitors, enabling us the best choice for the industries and communities.

We have wide range of disposal and recyclable services for hazardous waste which totally been depended after the assessing the waste characterisation. For more information, please connect us with our technical experts.

transporation and disposal

We have strong logistics infrastructure including our trained drivers who continuously handling transportation of hazardous and chemical waste safely and efficiently. We are here to support you with an advanced logistic infrastructure while keep moving your waste by helping you to stay compliant.

Product Recycling

We are accepting the electronic waste, plastics, precious metals and scrap metals. Our team of experts support you to integrate your waste streams and optimise the solutions for you.

product distruction

Golden Swan offering you authorised and secure destruction services of unwanted and defective goods. With our strong channel partners and manufacturers, we can connect with them to provide cost-effective and sustainable recyclable solutions to the clients. So, we can keep assured that our services are efficient and reliable. We also provide certifications and documentation for verifying destruction.

Soil Remediation

Our remediation services mainly involve incineration, chemical fixation, bio-remediation, and land disposal. Please let us know your detailed query, we are here to provide with affordable solutions.

Emergency Response

With our strong network of customer support, our response network is available 24 hours a day to connect with you for your needs and solutions. One such immediate services is clean crew up services to avoid contamination.