Ministry Visit

H.E Antonio Oburu Ondo, Ministry of Mines & Hydrocarbons, visiting the facility of Golden Swan G.E S.L with his team. We are pleased to recieve the appreciation and kind support. With strong attention and cooperation by the Government of Equatorial Guinea, we ensure our services will reflect the socioeconomic reforms in the regions and achieve the best environmental goals to pursue the sustainable practices.

Excellency Mr. Diosdado Obiang Mbomia Nfono, Ministry of Forests and Environment, with his team at Conference room, Golden Swan - proposing his views on advancement of environment conservation policies and practices.

Mr. Benjamin Bakale Nkara, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Business Promotion, looking over the facility and proposing the valuable ideas on advancement with his kind support.

Excellency H.E Gabriel M. Obiang Lima, Former Ministry of Mines & Hydrocarbons, sharing his thoughts while interacting with our personnel. Thanking for his kind and formal gesture, appreciating our business trials. Your strong efforts to achieve the best environmental goals and inspiration always boost us to pursue our sustainable practices.