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Lead Battery Recycling Plant – Goldenswange

Lead Battery Recycling Plant

Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant

Plant Main Features:

  • With the state of Art facility and the most advance techniques we are able to recycle Automotive Lead Acid Batteries and manufacture pure Lead.
  • The capacity of recycling Lead Acid Battery is 30 Tons per Day.
  • Plant has the capacity to manufacture 99.2 % of Purity in Lead which is able to again manufacture Cells for the Commercial Batteries, with minor processing.
  • Broken Plastic Battery Cases are rewashed and the Electrolyte water is neutralized and processed  in Water Effluent Treatment Plant in return we get clean  plastic cases which further go undergo Shredding and Recycling.
  • Air and Solid particle emission are controlled within Gas Scrubber, Bag house and Common Fugitive Emission Control System.

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