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Golden Swan excellent technical credentials and great track record for successful operations enabling us a strong contender in the waste management. Our one of own proprietorship in the waste Management applications – Gasification from Waste has gained wide acceptance which tends to convert valuable gases with ease in operations. Moreover, waste minimisation by over 90% into residual that can be reused. These facts led us to interact with various waste management applications. We have been seamlessly putting our efforts in the energy recovery from waste such as Waste To Energy, Pyrolysis to gasification, Used tyres/Plastics to Pyrolysis oil, Recycling Solutions - Used/waste to lube oil – Distillation method.


A luminous day at near shores of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, taking experiences of Yoga practices by our colleagues and friends.
Golden Swan believe in harmony and peace that would reflect in our daily routines. On the eve of International Yoga day, Golden Swan participate and organise the Yoga to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual practices which originated from ancient India. We believe that yoga practices has enormous advantages in relation to healthy, prosperous and well-being life.